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Sunday, February 08, 2004
  Forceful and Moderate has been deleted although you can still find the archives on Google.

The author has just ordered Studio MX Student Edition (inc. Dreamweaver, Flash) and going to shift to a so-far unknown location, possibly with its own domain name and with the political satire in a different format. It won't be updated daily, won't be primarily political and will have cartoons. I've been undecided about purchasing the student edition for a few months since it's rather expensive but became decisive yesterday when I was concerned about copyright issues on a campaigns pack I was working on, decided to create my own clipart in MS Paint instead of using stuff downloaded from the web and then couldn't tell the difference between the stuff I'd drawn and the stuff I'd ripped. I realised that I could be more expressive with my own website than just typing stuff into blogger and want to assemble all my sci-fi writing, artwork, designs, etc. into one site.

I've been thinking about deleting the blog for a while (and disappeared for 3 months); mainly because I don't enjoy blogging. I spend most of my 'blogging time' re-editing text to ensure the meaning is perfectly clear for fear that my (primarily humorous and 50% unpartisan) posts will be purposefully misinterpreted and quoted out of context. This is just tedious and not very enjoyable. Since I am not a precise writer, I think the terseness required is probably beyond me in the time I have to blog.

Apart from this, I tend to be inspired spasmodically and always feel that the quality of my content (or lack of it although I do get about 100 hits a day) is diluted by the need to provide regular updates.  

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